How geoengineering expedites greenhouse runaway effect, destroying the environment

Scientists and governments around the world are insisting that geoengineering could put a stop to global warming. While it sounds great in theory, the unfortunate reality is that this narrative couldn’t be further from the truth.

Geoengineering has been taking place for quite some time, and it simply cannot compete with the runaway greenhouse effect – geoengineering will do nothing. It will not bring global warming to a grinding halt, as many of its supporters want us to believe. In fact, attempting to manipulate the climate will likely only make things much, much worse.

For example, geoengineering in the form of chemtrails is completely destroying the ozone layer. While extreme drought conditions and acid rain from chemtrail contamination are concerning issues, the depletion of the ozone layer is possibly even more frightening. After all, the ozone layer helps to protect us and the earth from being burnt to a crisp by the sun. Recent metering of UV levels in northern California revealed remarkably high levels of UV radiation were present. According to Geoengineering Watch, testing has revealed that UVB radiation – the most toxic kind – now makes up about 70 percent of the total amount of radiation reaching the surface of our planet from the sun. The World Health Organization has previously reported that UVB rays should make up no more than 5 percent of the total radiation we receive from the sun. Geoengineering Watch also states that this increase in UVB rays denotes an exponential increase in total UV ray exposure.

The effects of more UV rays are easily seen in plants: Excessive exposure can cause plants to stop producing seeds, stunt growth, reduce foliage and even cause plants to die. Aquatic life is also severely impacted by increased UV exposure. Geoengineering is disrupting many facets of our earth and our atmosphere that contribute to our survival. Increased UV ray exposure, atmospheric changes and contamination of our air, water and soil are some of the hazardous effects perpetrated by chemtrails and other types of geoengineering. Geoengineering is also contributing to the unnatural levels of global warming we have begun to see.

So far, June 2015 through May of 2016 was the hottest 12-month period on record, and things are only going to get worse. 2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever recorded, and who knows what will happen after that!

It is obvious these man-made efforts to control the weather are simply not going to work.


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